Oct 1, 2008

So not in the mood.....

to work.

It's one of those days where I'd rather be anywhere else but here.

My child is home sick.

My mom is home sick.

I am not sick.... so I am here.

So I am making the best of my day. I've been day dreaming and you know when you get those ah-ha moments... well I've been getting a lot of those. I'm sad, I'm frustrated, I keep telling myself whatever! Shit happens... you move on. Life right.

A few weeks ago my friend Susie and I were talking about tattoos. I have one. It's not one that is visible but I have one. It's one that I got when I was 26. It was a gift from my friend John. John and I had been talking about me getting a tattoo... so for my 26th birthday he took me out to get one. That was what 12 years ago now. So anyway we were talking about my tattoo and how it's time to go get another one. UUMMM... so to kill time I've been researching and looking for a drawing. I know what I want. Well actually, it's a toss up. See over here to your left, that is my friend Chester. Isn't he adorable, well he is my inspiration for a new one.

I found THIS one and then there is THIS one. Like I said it's a total toss up since I really like them both.

Decisions, decisions. It won't be in a place that is easily visible. Only because of my job and all. I still have to look professional =)~ Well you know what I mean. BUT you know what I really love this style of tattoos too.

So now to find a place to do it at. Any recommendations? Locally please - Los Angeles County.


Glenda T. said...

I totally know what you mean about those shitty days Bucket! Plus having to be at work when your mind isn't really there just sucks. I think I may have adult ADD!! As for the tats, I love skulls but don't know that I would want one permanently on my body, but that is just me! I like the
3rd one but it might mess up the look of sandals (OMG, I sound like I'm 93 don't I????) Where did my carefree youth go?? Where??? haha I have 2 tats, one on my shoulder and one on my ankle. A unicorn and a tribal rose (double meaning, I can be soft but also tough!) That's the thing about tats, if they mean something to you that's all that matters! I can hardly wait to see what you decide!!

Glenda T. said...

ps. bucket, how do you get that link to your email in the blog?? I've tried adding a list, link, etc.. please help meeeeee....