Oct 12, 2008

Happy Birthday April

This is my very dear friend and one of my best friends April. She is as silly as they come. I sometimes sit back and wonder how did I get so lucky to have so many great friends. Seriously, think about it. April leads a very busy life, as so do I, but still when we see eachother and talk we tend to quickly catch up and our friendship is renewed.

She is the one person who has always told me to follow my dreams. If I am not happy, do something to make myself happy. Do what is best for me. She always says "IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU BABY." She really is funny. She knows all my secrets and I know most of hers. She tends to hid the most important things from me.. like being sick and having cancer. She gets mad at me because I worry about her, but i can't imagine my life without her so i worry. She yells at me and says "BUCKET SHUT THE HELL UP!" She is a total pain in the butt but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love her to pieces.

So here goes... sing it with me .... Happy Birthday to you..... Happy Birthday to you...... you stink like a monkey and you look like one too..... LOVE YOU APRIL!!!

=) bucket

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