Sep 12, 2008

The streets are filled with glitter.....

This is what Jenni Bowlin said about Cottonwood, AZ - the home of Art Institute Glitter, Inc... aka... ART GLITTER. If you know Jenni Bowlin you know the woman knows her glitter. So after horse back riding on Sunday we decided to take a little field trip to Cottonwood, AZ. On our way there we are chatting away and wondered.. I wonder if it's even open today? I took out Tashia's iPhone and starting doing my research on this Art Glitter place. I found the phone number and decided to call - secretly hoping it was just a recording giving us the times. A really nice lady answered the phone and I asked her - are you open today? She said well technically no, but I am here doing the taxes and I can open up for you. I told Ginger.. oh wow the accountant is in and is willing to open up for us. Well I just assumed it was an accountant... hello... I am doing the taxes. ANYWAY.. we get there I call again since we can't really figure out which building is the retail store. This cute lady comes out... and guess who it is.... none other then the Art Glitter lady.. Barbara Trombley. Sweet as pie let me tell you. We walked in, looked at some of her future projects... OMG imagine glittered Fairy Wings... Yeah amazing! She gaves us a glitter demonstration, told us the differences of the glitters..I'm not a glitter girl..but I was in awe. I wanted a huge tub of glitter! For what? Just because! It looked so pretty in it's bowl... augh Art Glitter love the stuff. Imagine a job where all you do is play with glitter all day long...yeah I think I would love it too.
So there you have it, we met the Art Glitter Queen - Barbara Trombley. Were the streets filled with glitter? No not really, just the driveway =)

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