Sep 14, 2008

Messy Marvin lives here......

I've been playing around all day...pulling things out.. putting things away.. just feeling like messy Marvin.

How sad is my ribbon storage? I should be more organized and I'm working on it, but as far as ribbon storage... forgetaboutit. Yeah I know.. don't say it..but what can I say I love ribbon.


Look desk. Ever since I took out my 8 foot table I have been forcing myself to work in my 'assigned work area'. Yeah it's messy..but I am enjoying my creative process. There is so much I want to cram into this Sunday... I have maybe 5 hours left of good work time. See that.. below.. it's a circle journal I am working on. It is coming out so cute. =)


Meet my friends... aren't they adorable. They so make me smile. Can you tell I am so ready.... and this year Halloween lands on a FRIDAY! WOO HOO!! Yeah!


OK I'm off to take advantage of my few hours left.
=) bucket

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Glenda T. said...

Bucket you are just so darned cute. Love seeing where you scrap and my ribbon storage looks kind of like yours but it's in a box all jumbled up!! haha