Sep 22, 2008

How boring is this???

this is my desk. I know I've posted pictures of it before but I am showing you the clean side. I have piles and piles of papers to the left me and I have piles and piles of papers to the right of me. It really is pretty ugly right now. I am ready to bring out my Halloween decorations. Yes I have a box at work full of decorations. I actually have a few creatures I leave up all year long but I think it's time to bring out the rest. hahah..

The coolest thing happened, I won a Create My Keepsake Kit from Scrapping the Music blog. I have been feeling pretty 'crappy' about my work lately and this really cheered me up. Well that and seeing my favorite band last night. I'm a little tired today but you know it's all worth it. I realized last night..the thing that I love most about a guy is his smile. I was watching the band up on the big screen and I swear I feel in love (don't tell Mark) but this one guy in the band... he would just smile... and aaahhhaaa I am in love. OK yeah.. fantasy love.. but whatever I can close my eyes and dream right. =)

Besides that the Marathon training is right on track. WOOAA it just hit me.. my stomach hurts... it's 3 weeks away. Ouch, I'll be fine. I'm a little injured - the knee has been acting up - but I'll be fine. I'll cross that finish line with a smile. BUT just in case.. if anyone wants to take my place just let me know. *CHEESE*


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Glenda T. said...

yay Bucket!! I saw that you won and your layout was awesome!! Way to go! totally know what you mean about a guy in a band. Have you seen my Johnny's smile (Rzeznik, not the hubs! haha) Sigh. Swoon....