Aug 15, 2008

Who are you????

Yeah You. I see you. Brewhahaha

I've noticed that I've had so many visitors on here lately. So why not leave me a comment? I have in my possession... 1 Crystle Clear Apple Book and 1 Chipboard Apple Book. I will RAK them off on Monday night. Just leave me a comment and tell me how you got here. How does that sound?

Don't be shy!
=) bucket


Lauren said...

Hey There!! Love your blog..How did I get here, why by AMM of course! Have a great weekend!

Tagnia said...

I got to your blog through AMM. What a nice little gifty.

alisa said...

Hello Ms. Bucket:)

I really like your blog and how you "keep it real". I found you on the Freckle Friends website.

Congrats to your son! wishes to your little sister on her pending wedding. I pray her day is a blessed one.


Shannon said...

I don't need a RAK, but I still wanted to say HI BUCKET!!!

deathbycaffeine said...

hmmmmmm how did i get here... i was wondering around the net and googled crazy people and guess what? ::wink::
No RAK needed here either, just sending you some luvs.....

- Marjorie

Parker and Emma's Mom said...

I found you thru Magistical Memories. Thanks for the giveaway!

aimee said...

ummm...i think i found you through laura fiore. not sure. but love your blog!

goldilocks said...

Hi from New Zealand, I found your blog through a friends blog, I read it most weeks, you are inspiring :o)