Aug 16, 2008


So here I am on a Saturday night, I am dog sitting and watching the Olympics. Mark called me and told me my event was on...what event? He said the MARATHON... oh really... OK honestly I don't really watch the Olympics but the marathon event.. this I had to see. WOW is all I have to say. Those ladies can run - I give them a big High Five and a YAH HOO!!

Also as I sit here watching ... guess who comes on TV... OK you won't guess so I'll tell you - OZOMATLI!!! Who is OZOMATLI... oh dare you ask.. only the best band ever!!! So immediately I decided to go to their website to see what they are up to... and this I am totally excited about. CHECK IT OUT!! Yez are you reading this? Joe where you at? I am so excited! yeah I'm a groupie... AND Chali2na is back.... oh.... this is a good Saturday.

Did I mention I rocked my 16 miles today? I am so ready for the San Francisco Nike Marathon. WOO HOO only 2 months left to go.


aimee said...

i can't believe you ran 16! i'm suppose to run a half in dec.
not doing so good! i hate running! everyone tells me to keep doing it and i will start to love it. can't imagine that. i can't even run 1! so hats off to you for doing 16!

papelytijeras said...

Hola Chica...OZOMATLI...yummy yummy! I love them. My fav moment with them, when they pulled my daughter up on stage and I got to see her rock it out with them. I definitely {heart} them! Oh and 16 miles-I so admire your stamina and dedication. I'd be lucky to do 16 yards. :)