Aug 25, 2008

Monday babbling...

I just had my 20 year High School Reunion. Yes it finally happened, I feel like I have been talking about it FOREVER. It started at 4:00 pm, I was there at 4:05 pm.. yeah does that mean I was excited about being there? haha I didn't mean to get there that early, but it just happened like that. I met up with my friends and it felt just like yesterday all over again. Some I have not seen since the last reunion. I'm really sad I have not kept in touch with a lot of them, but now that I have their number ( on speed dial =) ) there is no way they are getting rid of me now.

Prayers needed... my little cousin Ricky left for Iraq this morning. .....sigh..... He has a wife and a little boy. Please pray for his safe return.

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RitaS said...

Hey Suz- you look fabulous at your reunion - you're obviously the youngest one there!!
You've been tagged - pop on over to see what's up!