Aug 19, 2008

Meeting my crafty idol

I've been following Kathy Murillo's work for quite a few years so when I found out she was coming out to do a book signing at a local Michaels... I jumped at the opportunity to go see her. She is the sweetest and totally remembered me sending her pictures of my chipboard skulls.

I need to start a petition and see if Crystle will un-retire the skulls. Anyone with me?? =) Never seen the skulls?? Check them out below.
I need to check my chipboard supply and see if I have any laying around.

Aren't they super cool??
=) bucket


deathbycaffeine said...

What? They are retired?????
OMG I had no idea!! That's horrible, they're soooo cool and look the season is coming... day of the dead people let's get it together!! Where do I sign????

Lifes Moments said...

Hey Bucket,

Love your skulls! Unretire them! :)

jakey said...

Aw.. i could do with a few of those living with a wannabe a rockstar like I do. Retired? Pffft!