Aug 6, 2008

The Magic 8 ball

Did you ever have a magic 8 ball as a kid? I remember asking it questions like "Should I kiss him?" "Should I call him?" "Will my parents let me go out tonight?" You know silly teenager stuff. As a matter of fact I use to have a magic 8 ball on my desk here at work, but now as an adult my questions were different. For example "Should I tell that woman to shut the hell up?" "Should I take on that project?" Blah Blah... you know more adult related questions.
So I sat here thinking and thinking... should I go for it, just jump the gun and do it? So I decided... I need my magic 8 ball.... So I asked it... Should I go for it? ABSOLUTELY!! WOO HOO... hahaha... but hey it's nice to have a positive outlook on things don't you think?
So tell me, if you had a magic 8 ball... what would you ask it? CLICK HERE go head CLICK HERE give it a whirl.
Off to work.
=) bucket


papelytijeras said...

Hey Bucket! How's it going. You are too funny but I used to have an 8 ball and asked it questions, as though my fate depended on it. You're too funny chica!

Jen said...

heeheehee Love the magic 8 ball. I always wanted one of my own but had to settle for using a girlfriend's from time to time. ;)