Aug 2, 2008


That is the best way to describe my day so far.

I woke up at the crack of dawn and got myself ready for a nice 14 mile run with my team. Again another excellent run. I can not say it enough, but I just love this. I tend to say I hate running, I hate walking, but in fact if it weren't for Team in Training.... I wouldn't love it as much as I do. Yes I do. I love it!

Hey Laura... at least I didn't take a picture of my dirty toes! Trust me they were ADORABLE!

Today was also my friend Susie's fundraiser crop. I was only there for a few hours, but none the less I had a fantastic time. Check out some photos below... and I even got 1 layout done and I scored on the prizes!

This here is my sister Veronica and I. We are exactly One Year & five days apart. I just love this photo of us. TFL
=) bucket

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Cathy said...

Love your layouts!!! Good job!