Jul 26, 2008


Check it out, I killed two birds with one stone. I participated in the Scrapping the Music blog challenge, and I participated in the Magistical Memories Punch Challenge. =) TFL

Magic, originally uploaded by suzbucket.

Journaling reads: Whose turn is it to drive this week? I love my mom, love my aunt, but when they drive it's anything but magic.

My mom and my aunt are my daily carpool buddies, so every time they would drive I would make sure to fall asleep. Ladies are crazy drivers!


Julie said...

Loving the colours on your page. Thanks so much for playing along.

Cathy said...

I miss doing this. Anyway it's a lovely page. Thanks for sharing.

Drama Mama said...

Beautiful Layout! Cute butterflies!

mammadawg.com said...

Love it - and such a great pic, too!

Girl - I was just browsin' through around here - you are WAY too talented. ;)