Jul 31, 2008

Keeping busy...

Last week I was looking forward to Monday. Monday came and went and now I'm looking forward to the weekend again. I've had a very busy week with work and then my personal life isnt slowing down much. I'm not complaining, it's just been a busy week. In all honestly I like it this way. I don't know what I would do if my life slowed down. AARRGGHH l won't even think about it. OOHH and next Friday my little sister is getting married... so much still left to do!

Last sunday me and the boys went down to Venice Beach. We have been talking about going and just walking around and enjoying our day. You know this mom business is getting harder and harder. Why can't they just let me hold thier hand? Yeah I know get over it, they are grown and don't want to hold their mama's hand. Next time they want or need something I am going to tell them... get way.. don't hug me... yeah right I wouldn't do that. Here are two of my favorite photos from Sunday.

I was looking though my flickr site.. and found some of my favorite layouts. So what do you do with your favorite layouts? I got sad thinking that they are just being stuck in a album somewhere. So I decided to post some of my favorites here. =) Enjoy

I'm off to another meeting. ta ta for now.
=) bucket

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Shannon said...

These layouts are awesome! glad you shared them!