Apr 25, 2008

My friend April

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I have to admit I don't have many 'close' friends. I'm a pretty private person and sometimes I just need a shoulder to cry on and this person here, April, is some whose shoulder I've cried on many times.

April has been sick these past few weeks and she worries the hell out of me. She says I worry too much so she doesn't like to tell me things. I get mad and I freak out easily and yell at her for not telling me how she is doing. I worry.. sorry.. she is my friend. I want my friend to be healthy and strong. That is just me. So last night she called me. She asked me am I at home and am I sitting down. I was like yes to both. She had an incident a few weeks ago that sent her to the ER. She had kidney stones on one kidney and they found a lump/mass on the other kidney. She went back this past Tuesday and got another MRI done. She has kidney cancer. She sounded very positive on the phone and I pretended to be OK, but right after I got off the phone I cried and cried. Still crying!!!

April is the cheese in my macaroni, the mustard in my tuna sandwich, the sugar in my coffee... you know what I mean. Please say a little prayer for my dear friend April. I know she will be OK but like I said I worry.


MandyKay said...

i am so sorry to hear about your friend. she will be in my thoughts.

Jen Sue Wild said...

I am just in tears reading your post..
I am sorry to hear about April.. She seams like a fighter I will keep her in my toughts and prayers.

I will also keep you in my prayers so you can Stay strong for April..
Hugs Jennsue

april said...

don't you worry baby girl! i will be just fine!!! when we are old and wrinkily i just might have to borrow a kidney if my good one takes a shit! hahaha!!!!!! i love you! now, stop worrying and get to running for us cancer folk!!!!! i will join you again as soon as i can!

amber said...