Apr 9, 2008

Business Time.. and it only took me 7 minutes to get it done... LOL

You can also view the video by clicking here. http://www.blogger.com/video-play.mp4?contentId=6f4c6a6e3584932&type=video%2Fmp4
Edited to add: Click on the link and then click on open. The video should open in it's own window after downloading.

And the winners are….

Yes we have winners. You can look at the video if you’d like, and yes I am a total NERD for doing this. But in my mind I think it makes it more meaningful to see your name being drawn out of the box. Doesn’t it? Anyway… when you look at me…and yes that is me all in my glory. Please don’t laugh.. at least not too much. My excuse is.. I’ve been up since 5:30, worked 8 hours, went to team practice, then to my casino night meeting. Yeah.. it’s been a long day, but still it’s been a fabulous day.

The drum roll please…… the winners are…..

Grand Prize Winner: Jennifer Waters

Consolation Prize Winners
Largest Donor Prize: Jackie Rodriguez
Last person to donate prize: Kimberlee Patton
Kayla Lamoreaux
Kim Langston
Becky Heisler
Sue Fields
Jackie Rodriguez


Sue said...

Hey Bucket....I'm one of your biggest cheerleaders :) You go girl! I'm so proud of you!!!

Jennifer said...

So super excited!! Thanks so much ... and congrats to all the winners!

Kimberlee said...

You're so cute! You were NOT a nerd in your video! Wow, you are a girl on the go!
Thanks so very much for the consolation prize I won!! How generous!

Kelly said...

Oh Lord Bucket. I never guessed you were so sweet and quiet. All these pictures I see and posts made me think you were this crazy scrapper (or maybe it was the fart siggy? LOL)

Anyway, thanks for leg shot ;) I *thought* I donated but turns out I'm a tard and didn't hit the right submit button so I guess I can still do that now,hmmm- CONGRATS to the winners!
(sorry for the novel)

Sue said...

Bucket, you're the cutest!!! I was able to view the video finally. What a fun idea :) I really enjoyed your little presentation!!

Kim Langston said...

Thanks Bucker for my wonderful consolation prize. Got it in the mail today... can't wait to play with it.