Dec 18, 2007

Magistical Memories New Design Team

How did I forget to post this?

Sue Fields
Roree Rumph
Kristi Hellyer
Jill Gerathy Groves
Kelly Evans
Jill Deling
Leena Loh
Megan Renfree
Becky Heisler
Rebecca Bose

You really have to check out their work. I am so excited to have them on the Design Team. They really are talented.. and I promise to behave for the first few days they are on the DT, after that... the bucket is coming out to play!

Can't wait to work with you ladies :-)


grannie3 said...

Hope this is the right spot to leave you a hello!! I'm in your ce group, excited to meet you in '08.
Teresa Mariotti

Sue said...

Congrats to the new DT!! Magistical Memories is a great site and you'll have so much fun!!