Dec 12, 2007

Family Love

I realized all my first layout postings were layouts all about me... no shame!! So here is some family love.

Look at how little they all looked. I don't even know when I took this picture. WOW the memories... this is what it's all about right? Cherishing those memories.

This picture was taken during the time I was going through a lot with losing my grandparents, I can't even tell you how I took that picture but I love it.

I love this layout! When I completed it the boys looked at it and went aaahhh mom it's so pretty. The coolest part is that they all let me take these pictures with them. My cheesy boys.

1 comment:

Hatter J said...

I love you layouts bucket. Some I've seen, and some I've not...but they are all you...and that's pretty cool!